Mozilla Newsletters

Title Slug Description
Mozilla Information Trust Initiative miti Mozilla Information Trust Initiative
about:addons about-addons
Mozilla Labs mozilla-technology We're building the technology of the future. Come explore with us.
Firefox & You mozilla-and-you A monthly newsletter and special announcements giving you tips to improve your experience with Firefox on your desktop and Android device.
Mozilla Communities about-mozilla Bringing you the best new opportunities to help support the open Web.
Firefox Student Ambassadors ambassadors A monthly newsletter on how to get involved with Mozilla on your campus.
Firefox Apps & Hacks app-dev News for developers about Firefox OS, Firefox Marketplace and the Open Web apps ecosystem.
Mixed Reality mixed-reality Keep up with all the latest in Virtual and Augmented Reality.
Mozillians mozilla-phone Email updates for vouched Mozillians on
Mozilla Foundation mozilla-foundation News and special updates about our work to promote openness, innovation and participation on the Internet, including ways for you to get involved.
Firefox Friends firefox-friends Bringing easy engagement opportunities to Firefox supporters.
Connected Devices connected-devices Get updates from the Connected Devices team and receive invitations to participate in the development of devices powered by Mozilla.
Webmaker webmaker Special announcements helping you get the most out of Webmaker.
Mozilla Learning Network mozilla-learning-network Updates from our global community, helping people learn the most important skills of our age: the ability to read, write and participate in the digital world.
Mozilla Festival mozilla-festival Special announcements about Mozilla's annual, hands-on festival dedicated to forging the future of the open Web.
Developer Events developer-events Mozilla hosts events around the world for developers; stay connected to updates from our events team.
View Source Conference North America view-source-conference-north-america Updates about View Source North America, Mozilla's conference for front-end web developers.
View Source Conference Global view-source-conference-global Updates about View Source Global, Mozilla's conference for front-end web developers.
Game Developer Conference game-developer-conference Hear about Mozilla's most recent updates from the annual Game Developers Conference.
Firefox for desktop firefox-desktop Don’t miss the latest announcements about our desktop browser.
Firefox for Android mobile Keep up with releases and news about Firefox for Android.
Firefox iOS firefox-ios Be the first to know when Firefox is available for iOS devices.
Mozilla mozilla-general Special announcements and messages from the team dedicated to keeping the Web free and open.
Firefox OS smartphone owner? firefox-os Don’t miss important news and updates about your Firefox OS device.
Shape of the Web shape-web News and information related to the health of the web.
Firefox Accounts Tips firefox-accounts-journey Get the most out of your Firefox Account.
Maker Party maker-party Mozilla's largest celebration of making and learning on the web.
Firefox Welcome firefox-welcome Learn how to get the most out of Firefox, the browser that sets you free online.
Mozilla Welcome mozilla-welcome Learn how to get the most out of Firefox, the browser made by Mozilla.
Test Pilot test-pilot See experimental Firefox features before everyone else. Grab your parachute!
Firefox Membership: Ideologically Engaged member-idealo
Firefox Membership: Community Minded member-comm
Firefox Membership: Tech-Forward member-tech
Firefox Membership: TK member-tk
Common Voice common-voice Stay informed about our open-source voice database to help make voice recognition open to everyone.