Mozilla Newsletters

Title Slug Description
Firefox Account Tips firefox-accounts-journey Get the most out of your Firefox Account.
Knowledge is Power knowledge-is-power Get all the knowledge you need to stay safer and smarter online.
New Product Testing test-pilot Help us make a better Firefox for you by test-driving our latest products and features.
Take Action for the Internet take-action-for-the-internet Add your voice to petitions, events and initiatives that fight for the future of the web.
Firefox News mozilla-and-you Get how-tos, advice and news to make your Firefox experience work best for you.
Developer Newsletter app-dev A developer's guide to highlights of Web platform innovations, best practices, new documentation and more.
Mozilla News mozilla-foundation Regular updates to keep you informed and active in our fight for a better internet.
Mozilla Festival mozilla-festival Special announcements about Mozilla's annual, hands-on festival dedicated to forging the future of the open Web.
Internet Health Report internet-health-report-group Keep up with our annual compilation of research and stories on the issues of privacy & security, openness, digital inclusion, decentralization, and web literacy.
Open Leadership open-leadership Monthly updates, resources and opportunities to develop your open leadership skills and engage with a vibrant community of collaborators.
Mozilla Labs mozilla-technology We're building the technology of the future. Come explore with us.
Common Voice common-voice Stay informed about our open-source voice database to help make voice recognition open to everyone.
Mixed Reality mixed-reality Keep up with all the latest in Virtual and Augmented Reality.
Hubs hubs Updates about our open social platform that enables people to meet within Mixed Reality.
Add-ons Developer Newsletter about-addons Stay up-to-date on news and events relevant to Firefox extension developers.
Mozilla Community about-mozilla Join Mozillians all around the world and learn about impactful opportunities to support Mozilla’s mission.
Mozillians mozilla-phone Email updates for vouched Mozillians on
Mozilla Fellowship & Awardee Alumni mozilla-fellowship-awardee-alumni Stay up to date on news, opportunities, and events for awards and fellowship alumni, including hearing about alumni impact around the world.
Firefox Friends firefox-friends Bringing easy engagement opportunities to Firefox supporters.
Firefox Student Ambassadors ambassadors A monthly newsletter on how to get involved with Mozilla on your campus.
Webmaker webmaker Special announcements helping you get the most out of Webmaker.
Developer Events developer-events Mozilla hosts events around the world for developers; stay connected to updates from our events team.
View Source Conference North America view-source-conference-north-america Updates about View Source North America, Mozilla's conference for front-end web developers.
View Source Conference Global view-source-conference-global Updates about View Source Global, Mozilla's conference for front-end web developers.
Game Developer Conference game-developer-conference Hear about Mozilla's most recent updates from the annual Game Developers Conference.
iOS Beta Test Flight ios-beta-test-flight
Mozilla Learning Network mozilla-learning-network Updates from our global community, helping people learn the most important skills of our age: the ability to read, write and participate in the digital world.
Mozilla Information Trust Initiative miti Mozilla Information Trust Initiative
Get Involved get-involved
Firefox for desktop firefox-desktop Don’t miss the latest announcements about our desktop browser.
Firefox for Android mobile Keep up with releases and news about Firefox for Android.
Firefox iOS firefox-ios Be the first to know when Firefox is available for iOS devices.
Mozilla mozilla-general Special announcements and messages from the team dedicated to keeping the Web free and open.
Firefox OS smartphone owner? firefox-os Don’t miss important news and updates about your Firefox OS device.
Shape of the Web shape-web News and information related to the health of the web.
Maker Party maker-party Mozilla's largest celebration of making and learning on the web.
Connected Devices connected-devices Get updates from the Connected Devices team and receive invitations to participate in the development of devices powered by Mozilla.
Firefox Welcome firefox-welcome Learn how to get the most out of Firefox, the browser that sets you free online.
Mozilla Welcome mozilla-welcome Learn how to get the most out of Firefox, the browser made by Mozilla.
Firefox Membership: Ideologically Engaged member-idealo
Firefox Membership: Community Minded member-comm
Firefox Membership: Tech-Forward member-tech
Firefox Membership: TK member-tk